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Students are always looking for something that will give them an edge while studying for an exam, or just trying to stay awake while studying daily.  Breathing oxygen just before the exam should also improve your test scores.  A lot of students are using Sports Oxygen to give them that edge.

Each can of Sports Oxygen holds about 70 two second breaths and when preparing for an exam they raise the oxygen level in their blood prior to the exam and it increases their alertness and concentration.  Taking about 3 or 4 breaths of 90 percent oxygen and continue with their studying should improve their cognitive skills.  Then again before reporting at the exam place, they should use Sports Oxygen to raise the oxygen level in their blood.  Once opened, the can of Sports Oxygen can be used over and over again until all the oxygen is used.  You don't have to use all the oxygen at once.  The can will last a long time while only taking a few breaths at a time.

When you take a breath of Sports Oxygen, you inhale a full breath of oxygen, however the lungs do not consume the whole breath and when you exhale, you exhale a portion of the oxygen you just inhaled.  The oxygen forms a cloud of oxygen around your mouth so that your second breath will inhale most of the oxygen you just exhaled.  The next exhale will also breath out some of the unused oxygen and your third inhale will also breath in enhanced oxygen.  About this time your next inhale should breath oxygen from the can and you repeat the cycle until you feel comfortable.

Studies have shown that studying 30 minutes a day for two weeks is more effective than cramming for 7 hours the night before the exam.   Study one subject for 30 minutes or an hour each day than study a different subject for 30 minutes or an hour.  You will be better prepared for the exam on exam day.  Then enhance your studies with Sports Oxygen for an even better result.

You can order a 6 pack of Sports Oxygen today and it will arrive in 5 business days.

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