Guide To Losing Weigh with Sports Oxygen


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After the Holidays there is always a big push to lose weigh that was put on during the holidays.  Sports Oxygen gives one extra stamina and endurance while working out or jogging.  This enables you to work harder or run longer and the pounds fall off fast.  Sports Oxygen raises the oxygen level in ones blood and for those trying to lose weight, they can exercise longer and easier producing greater weight loss.

Each can of Sports Oxygen holds about 70 two second breaths and when exercising to lose weight Sports Oxygen in a can raises the oxygen level in their blood prior to exercising it increases the stamina and endurance.  Taking about 3 or 4 breaths of 90 percent oxygen and continuing with exercising should improve their weight loss.  Then again while exercising, one should use Sports Oxygen to maintain a high blood oxygen level.  Once opened, the can of Sports Oxygen can be used over and over again until all the oxygen is used.  You don't have to use all the oxygen at once.  The can will last a long time while only taking a few breaths at a time.

When you take a breath of Sports Oxygen, you inhale a full breath of oxygen, however the lungs do not consume the whole breath and when you exhale, you exhale a portion of the oxygen you just inhaled.  The oxygen forms a cloud of oxygen around your mouth so that your second breath will inhale most of the oxygen you just exhaled.  The next exhale will also breath out some of the unused oxygen and your third inhale will also breath in enhanced oxygen.  About this time your next inhale should breath oxygen from the can and you repeat the cycle until you feel comfortable.

Sports Oxygen has many benefits to athletes, students, seniors, high altitude travelers. And the best part is there are no caffeine or chemicals found in energy drinks and it is natural energy with no side effects.

You can order a 6 pack of Sports Oxygen today and it will arrive in 5 business days.

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