Oxygen In A Can is a new product, and we are hearing some impressive testimonials that we want to share with you.

  • I am a professional woman boxer and I train daily.  I was really excited about trying Oxygen In A Can, but at first I was disappointed.  I opened my first can and followed the directions and could not notice any difference in the way I felt.   After breathing the full can, I threw it away and chocked it up to experience.  Part of my day is spent running around Pittsburgh PA.  It is a daily event and I usually start out running up some hills near my home.  After using Oxygen In A Can, I started my run and I was amazed at how much easier it was to run up the hills.  Specially the first hill, I usually start breathing hard about half way up the hill, however after oxygenating my blood with a full can of oxygen, I reached the top I and I was almost as fresh as when I started climbing the hill.   My pulse rate had hardly increased after running up the hill. - Amazing Grace, Pittsburgh. PA

  • I work for my brother in law on some weekends at his oxygen bar at festivals in Los Angeles.  Usually we don't get to bed on Sunday nights until 1 or 2 AM because we have to break down our booth after the festival closes.  Since I have to work my teaching job on Mondays, I am on the road at 5 AM to drive home in Needles, CA to go to work.  It is a 4 hour drive and I usually start feeling drowsy about half way home.  The last hour is a real fight to stay awake.  Since I work at the oxygen bar, I am familiar with the benefits of oxygen and jumped at the chance to take a sample of Oxygen In A Can for my drive home.  When I started feeling drowsy, I opened the can and started taking hits every couple minutes.  When I got home I was tired, but never felt I was in danger of falling asleep while driving. - Cathy Goetz, Needles CA


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